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Why RéanArt Loves stock imagery & you should too!



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Stock Imagery.. What on earth is that?

A stock library, or image library, is a collection of images that represent your brand. By using the right images and displaying them in the right order and place it can work miracles to increase your brand’s numbers game and that’s what we want, right?

Just like we do at RéanArt, many brands work with stock images on several platforms. From their website to their social media platforms, they all put blood, sweat and tears into giving the consumers a perfect glimpse of what the brand is and where they stand for. Obviously consumers appreciate a brand’s aesthetics these days more than ever! Getting your stock images on point is the ideal way to reach those aesthetic demands and gaining a successful brand positioning.

So how does this work?

The stock images you display which represent whatever you want to them to represent, should be carefully chosen. But before that, you should think of a style. What suits you/your brand? Color, black and white? Square, round, rectangular? All these details are crucial for your stock library, because now you decided how to do it, you can make sure you keep that up which creates the probably most important aspect of this all: Consistency. Creating a plan is one thing, sticking to it is another.

Though the style you are trying to put through in these stock images, doesn’t has to be a particular colour. That could be boring sometimes. Consistency can be rather various, as long as you play with your content as addition to the stock images.  

Instagram tipAlways think about your next post by looking at your current first and third pictures, as they will be next to your post.

As you probably already know when you enter an account on Instagram you see lots of images. As account-owner you really have to see this as a big picture. If this is visible, your followers will have the perfect idea of the style you have. Let’s say you are a fashion designer and you created a collection which is all white. By displaying this on a black colorama the colour white would stand out in the picture, but on your image library it it will the black background. And after that collection you could even switch to a different ‘look & feel’, but the very details are the turning points on your account. So stick to a certain font in your pictures for example, and though you are starting something different, people will know it’s you.


Look through the eyes of your followers and admit it; you would want to see quality pictures. This is a simple but very important thing to know, but you should always aim for the highest available quality of pictures on your image library, and set that standard. It doesn’t matter how lovely that quote is that you found and want to post, as long as your followers see it blurry these kind of stock images won’t work, and also eventually won’t suit your other stock images.

As RéanArt’s team are the key content creators, with multicultural background and understanding of different aesthetics and the needs/commercial appeal within different markets, we are able to create the best visual libraries, stock images and brand positioning for companies, to make their imagery distinct to their target audience. RéanArt’s personal preference for images are consistently intense, captivating, eclectic.

What inspired you and what kind of stock library are you looking to build for your brand? RéanArt displays work, interactive events and genres throughout all of our social media accounts. We share our love for all things beautiful (and purple) throughout our accounts consistently with images from our work, quoting inspiration artist’s work and exhibitions. 

We hope you enjoyed it :)

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