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This Week: RéanArt Breaks the Ice on Typography from A-Z



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What is Typography?


At RéanArt, we know that branding is so much more than just one element. A key element of visual media marketing is typography. But what is TYPOgraphy? Typography is the study of the appearance of written words-how they look, how they are spaced, their color, size, distance from each other and style. Typography goes a long way in terms of telling the reader about your brand and/or product. There are a number of elements specific to typography that are really important to know about. The term Leading refers to the adjustment of the spaces between the lines of horizontal text. Leading can make a huge difference in terms of how a specific piece of text in paragraph form is perceived. Kerning refers to the adjustment of the spaces in between the letters in a given word. If the spaces in between the letters are not enough, it makes it difficult to distinguish the word, but on the other side too much space in between the letters and it becomes hard to distinguish whether or not the letters are for one word. Typography can make a huge difference in how your brand is seen by consumers.


Why is Typography important?

RéanArt knows that typography is important because it helps initially attract the attention of a consumer. With the right typography, you can convey to your consumer from the very moment they see your product what your brand is all about. Furthermore, Typography can help to establish something called an information hierarchy, which means that the size, thickness, kerning, and other elements of the type can tell the consumer which information to consume first. This is important because the biggest words could leave an impression on a client that they could walk away with. This is key in leading to possibly the biggest reason typography is important-it creates and builds recognition.  We at RéanArt see this phenomenon  in the famous fonts used by Coca-Cola and Disney-no matter what words are written in those fonts, they will always be associated with those brands.


Psychological effects of typography:

As much as we at RéanArt can give you examples, numbers and statistics provide a different look at things. A study by Weinrich and Neilson in 2008 determined through analyzing 45,237 page views that most people only scrolled down far enough to read 20% of the text on the page. This means that every piece of that 20% counts for a brand. Furthermore, in terms of web content common complaints like lack of contrast between the background and small font sizes cause user traffic to go down significantly, which is something else important to keep in mind when designing the typography of your webpage.  Additionally, we at RéanArt found research that stated the choice to use Serif rather than Sans-serif font or vice versa can make a huge difference in terms of how much people retain of the information that you put out under your brand name and how people perceive the physical text and brand.  All of these subconscious factors make a huge difference in terms of how your brand is seen.


How We, RéanArtists, Can Help:

At RéanArt, we are experts in digital design and layout for typography and beyond.  We recognize the importance of standing out in an ever more saturated digital market, and can help you design and create a logo, photography and ad campaign, or another project to make your business stand out from the rest. As our multicultural team has been brought up in cross-continentally, our understanding of commercial appeal in different markets allows to take on projects from different angles.


Stay tuned for our sassy, yet ambitious typography quotes on social media! And have a lovely day ahead!