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If you have been following us at RéanArt, you already know that we value high quality photography. It has such a diverse range of applications that can bring new angles to your product, influence moods, illustrate messages or facilitate business. There are so many ways to approach photography that it allows for little flickers of personality to shine through. There are a number of tools to capture this personality and our personal favourite at RéanArt, is the Bokeh Effect. This extraordinary effect can be used in seasonal campaigns such as Christmas, Autumn or ideal to create that certain 'glistening' mood, for example in a jewellery photography campaign. 


You have probably seen the Bokeh Effect at some point in your life, either in advertisement, magazines or even movies. We at RéanArt truly appreciate the different methods one can take to capture different ‘feelings’ when photographing. It is generally described as one of the most ‘pleasing to look at’ effects as it can be practical in so many ways. This is why RéanArt loves it so much! 

With the Bokeh Effect, it needs to be shot with a fast lens at a wide aperture. This can achieve a variety of effects, such as bringing softness to a brightly lit photo or bringing a relaxing feel to the picture. You can separate the subject or product from the background and capture a unique image. RéanArt pride ourselves on being able to utilise a variety of photographing techniques to achieve these kinds of effects and bring a new light to your product. We can even go further and specifically highlight different shades of “blur” to have in the background to make your product stand out even further.


This Bokeh Effect has roots in Japanese culture meaning “blur” or “haze”. This is a fair way to describe this photographing style and as mentioned, there are many ways to apply it. At RéanArt, we have a strong understanding of photographic styles and can utilise a variety of them to bring out the best of your product. We can alter the level of blurriness by retouching the photos to achieve your vision of the item. As the quality of photography is often the closing selling point to a consumer it is always valuable to try new styles to differentiate the item, which can be done with a high quality Bokeh Effect theme.

As the Bokeh Effect requires the subject of the photo to be a short distance away, it is a great way to have a creative shot with your respective product. At RéanArt, we do a range of photographic styles that can create eye capturing visuals to differentiate your product. The Bokeh Effect is a highly demanded photographing style that requires a highly technical photographer to achieve effectively. The Bokeh Effect is only one of many styles we can offer at RéanArt’s, so we can personalise and adapt to any needs.


What kind of visual effect appeals to you? Is there a specific kind of photography style or angle which you prefer to use? Stay tuned for the next blog post.. We'll be publishing a juicy article about brand content.. Send us some insights on our digital channels on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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