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RéanArt’s Top Five tips for Amsterdam



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Here’s where RéanArt is telling you 5 unique DO’s in one of Europe's most iconic and eccentric cities. The post-card perfectness of Amsterdam, seen through the lenses of One of our beloved team Member’s Olivier Van dommele shares us his favourite spots in his native city! His personal statement: ‘’Please bare in mind this article is written by a Dutchy at ReanArt who’s not even blonde or has blue eyes. Cannot deny I’m tall though. ‘’

As the majority of our team at RéanArt has been to Amsterdam, we can contently say Amsterdam is the perfect city for a visit, whether it’s one day, a week or a month. As Amsterdam is rather compact, almost everything is extremely easily accessible by either walking or the perfectly assembled public transport. My inner Dutch soul would be lying if I told you not to take the bike. And don’t forget the cheese, please. Joking apart, we at RéanArt would love to give you some insights of Holland’s amazing capital. We are starting off  at Amsterdam Central Station.

Tram 13 → towards Geuzenveld


9 Straatjes, where Shopping and Architecture flourishes!

Similar to the Seven Dials of London, Amsterdam has the Negen Straatjes (“Nine Streets”). It consists of nine sidestreets of bigger streets such as Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel. These streets also will give you the perfect impression of Amsterdam’s unique architecture and cosy, various shopping opportunities. With lots of vintage shops, little boutiques and coffee places we all highly recommend this area at RéanArt!

Bus 170 →  towards Uithoorn


3 Museums, Pointing to Culture

To get that perfect glimpse of cultural Amsterdam, we must say the best place to go is Museumplein (“Museum Square”). The three major museums on Museumplein are: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk museum. We guarantee you a good cultural experience, regardless your art (decay) preferences.

Tram 3 → towards Muiderpoortstation


GlouGlou, Amsterdam

De Pijp, a glimpse into Daily Life and Food

To have a closer look in the dynamic day-to-day life of Amsterdam, De Pijp is a perfect neighbourhood to visit. This vibrant, multicultural part of Amsterdam just breathes love, and has innumerous pubs and restaurants cooking every kitchen you can think of! Yum!


Albert Cuyp Market, the heart of Shopping and Cuisine  

While you are in De Pijp, you might as well pop around to visit the Albert Cuyp Market, which is now the most famous market of The Netherlands! From 1905 this market has been legalized and since 1912 it’s been open every day of the week! RéanArtist are always hunting for the best spots for distinct design, wouldn’t you be?


Green (chill)

Amsterdam is a big city, but we at RéanArt believes it’s worth a visit, even for our lazy “I’d rather just chill” readers. One of the many parks in Amsterdam is the beautiful Sarphatipark, which lays just around the corner from the Albert Cuyp Market. So get a coffee somewhere nearby, and you’re good to chill!

On behalf of all RéanArt’s creatives we hope you enjoyed reading and might use this little list of RéanArt’s favorite sights of Amsterdam! We think this list will help you to see many aspects of Amsterdam such as shopping, culture, population and food!

Please let us know what you think or if you have any other tips, and don’t forget to follow RéanArt on social media! We are passionate about different cultures and wish to give you the best insights on each city we hold either heritage to or have recently visited! Stay tuned for more of RéanArtist’s great adventures!

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