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RéanArt’s Top 5 Tips for South Africa



Continuing with our sizzling July holiday destinations.. South Africa is the next in our bucket list! Our Business Development Intern Thomas Schutte gives us his insight on his native homeland! As you can tell, RéanArt stands strong towards our multicultural alumni! RéanArt Studio, being a diverse and productive environment, appreciate travel and everything associated with it. We aim to provide our varied experiences and research to easily organize a brief but informative list of tips. These could be useful for either planning your next holiday with or without a final destination in mind.

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton.


Where better to begin your trip to South Africa than where the human race began from? The Origins Center in Johannesburg is located in the Cradle of Human Kind, World Heritage site. It is said that this site has some of the oldest evidence of Homo Sapiens, giving us a slight insight thousands of years ago. After visiting this museum personally, I must say it is a sight to behold. The museum has authentic rock paintings from the San people as well as old technologies that reveal much of their daily lives. This is a great way to investigate the journey mankind has made from ancient times, to where we are now. Learn more about their culture of dance, art, spirituality and stand in one of the most significant sites on this planet. We recommend visiting the many café’s and small shops to relax and explore, so you can bring a little bit of South Africa back home with you.



At RéanArt studio’s we like to capture the small details as they often make the largest difference, this is similar to what Kalk Bay represents. This is a truly unique area in Cape Town with colorful scenic views of a lighthouse and boats, whilst you enjoy the fishing harbor culture. This is a small area that is less touristy, but is so relaxing to visit and disconnect. Nearby is a little shopping high street with a range of beautiful shops ranging from clothing, jewelry and antique goods that have a tranquil vibe to it. Nearby are local café’s and restaurants to take a break from shopping with incredible local wines from the nearby, award winning vineyards. If you enjoy peering into a less touristy part of South Africa to get a more authentic taste of the culture, definitely pay Kalk Bay a visit. One might be shocked to think this is part of Cape Town as it seems to live in its own bubble – a Réanart studio secret we are sharing with you!



South Africa has an ideal climate to produce vast ranges of wines and you would be hard pressed to find a wine connoisseur who does not agree. South Africa is famous worldwide for their wines, especially in the Cape Town area, so if you appreciate wine, add this to your list of things to do. With a rich history of wine planting and industrial growth, the wine lands of Cape Town are a beautiful place to unwind and relax. With an assortment of different wine touring services, you can rent a driver to take from one wine farm to the next, to try and taste a bit from each area. Some areas specialize in different services so you can easily pick and choose what matches up with your ideal holiday and explore. I would personally recommend the Stellenbosch area as it is the most renowned and (in my opinion) beautiful.



If you follow us here at RéanArt Creative Studio you probably appreciate design and creativity like us. If so, you should definitely look into the multitude of events and fairs being hosted in South Africa. They are based around this ideology of design and try to facilitate a creative environment for people to network and appreciate art. They have a large annual event every year, with smaller events occurring throughout the year in different locations. If any of the topics interest you, it is definitely an area for inspiration. Even if you do not have the time to physically visit these events, you can stream previous talks done through Design Indaba through their website. So sit back in your restaurant seat in Kalk Bay and listen to the plethora of topics on creativity offered through their websiteIndaba.jpg


If you are trying to break away from the city life, take this unique opportunity to visit the famous Kruger National Park. It is located in Northeastern South Africa and is one of the largest game reserves in the world, clocking in at about the same size as Israel. Inside is an enormous selection of places to stay and even more animals to see, including the Big 5. If there is one thing you have heard about South Africa, it will be the Big 5, so do not miss this opportunity. The Big 5 include the African leopard, cape buffalo, rhinoceros, African Lion and the African elephant. Impress your friends by being one of the few to have witnessed their beauty! If you follow RéanArt’s you are probably as passionate about photography as we are and Kruger Park is a goldmine for the most beautiful shots in the world.


At RéanArt Creative Studios, we are always trying to find inspiration and whether that is found across the world or in your back garden, you should pursue it. From one edge of the world to the other, people always find new ways to be creative in a unique way and if you have opportunity to explore them, you should. Spill us your next bucket list destination or which place you may wish us to review! Until next time, have an amazing weekend! 

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