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RéanArt Investigates: Unicorns vs. Mermaids



We have all seen it across our social media channels and favourite high street stores, so where’s the hype coming from around branding mythical creatures within our everyday life? From food to makeup, hair and consumer goods, RéanArt investigates into the magic behind this movement..


According to some statistics, the fascination of mermaids and unicorns began around 2013 and up to now, is still popular. In 2017, the hashtag #unicornmakeup has a high frequency of searches within social media search engines found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As a result, more and more brands are using these two elements for brand exposure due to its attractive effect. Therefore, RéanArt, as a professional company, with the goal of expanding the market, will compose a simple discussion of the ‘Unicorns and Mermaids trend’.


Whatever brand, big, small, expensive, inexpensive can find ways to join this craze. All types of brands and industries can use the two elements that are unicorns and/or mermaids. Examples include; Unicorn Lashes Unicorn Brushes, Farsali Unicorn Essence, I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart, Anastasia Beverly Hill Moonchild Glow Kit, Mermaid Macaron, Mermaid Phone Case or even the recent Starbucks unicorn Frappuccino.


Evidence that unicorns and mermaids are becoming a main fashion trend in the market is surging. Some say, we cannot refuse it because of the lovely rainbow colour, whilst others say it is an epidemic. So, it is a good trend? Is the implementation of the two elements conducive to branding? No one has an objective answer that solves this question. However, RéanArt would like to investigate the reason why marketers are using unicorns and mermaids to appeal to these younger generations.


First of all, one cannot deny that the demand from younger people for these deeper colours is not prominent nor that the romantic fantasy of the younger generations follows that of a fairy tale. Mermaids and unicorns have a bright colour that is consistent with this trend and exemplifies the break from the traditional. Although the conventional chocolate brownie should be brown, for young people, it seems boring and monotonous. Although lipstick should be a traditional colour, why has it not evolved to be more colourful to appeal to the younger generations? Therefore, RéanArt thinks that if the purpose of branding is stimulating the market for new customers, then appealing to a young person through this strategy is a good branding tactic.


Secondly, RéanArt also believes that young people like the pursuit of individual identity on social media and this may also be a contributing factor to why marketers are increasingly capitalizing on mermaid and unicorn themes. This may be reflective of the catch-up effect. When one thing becomes progressively more popular, there will be new people trying to catch up with the competition and exploit that popular trend. Customers consume around the current style and companies’ try to reflect that by building their product around it. Of course, this is one method of branding that follows the pace of the popular. Therefore, RéanArt believes that for many high-street brands, the use of a unicorn and mermaid may be very effective with the younger generations as well as those who are bored of the conventional.


Can marketers use the colourful unicorn or mermaid in branding for more than just young people? Here at RéanArt we believe so. In the eyes of many adults, this world may be boring or monotonous. Breaking out from this reality may be slightly resolved by adding some colour. Therefore, the unicorn and mermaid is not just for the younger generations, but could possibly attract adults that want to be more audacious in their style, but have not had the opportunity. It seems that there may be an opening for developing an established brand or even building a new one in order to meet this gap in the market.

In conclusion, unicorns and mermaids have proven to be a useful tool for branding in recent years. RéanArt cannot predict future trends, but at the moment, whilst the mermaid and unicorn colour craze does not appear to be declining, popular brands, young brands or high street brands could distinguish themselves with these elements.