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Earlier this week we dived into seductive destinations of Asia, today we look back at Britain’s exploding obsession with ‘Scandimania’. From Ikea to ‘The Bridge’ and Marimekko, Réanart explores explores how brands have adapted to the ‘minimalist’ and fresh movement of turning all things ‘Nordic’.

Scandinavian TV series

This year four new Scandinavian TV shows will air on British TV’s alone. Due to the popularity of these dramas, there has been a rise in production companies sprouting throughout Oslo. Some attribute the success to the shows breaking social norms and the people’s hunger for something ‘new’. This trend seems to be consistent with the U.K. as well and has resulted in higher Scandinavian influences. Britain gains more insight on homes, lifestyle, dress and mannerism throughout the TV shows. RéanArt also is a huge fan of Stieg Larsson’s Trilogy, which was one of the most exposed movies from the time, starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.


Minimal Interior and Design

You would be hard pressed to find somebody who has not heard of IKEA and this has perpetuated the idea of minimalist, white interior style, that has captivated the U.K. A creative director states “The foundation of Scandinavian design, and our Nordic homes, will always be brightness and simplicity, because it’s simply what we need due to the lack of sunlight.” Made.com and John Lewis have adapted to the faded ‘all white’ ideology of clean cut edges, less is more mentality and adding practicality to everyday goods. Scandinavian inspired interior design stores are flourished throughout the premises of Chelsea and Notting Hill, with many up-market interior enthusiasts adapting their homes for the more ‘functional’ and minimal look.


Healthy Nordic Diets

A Scandinavian restaurant in London has a similar layout to the classic Scandinavian interior design we just touched upon, has found true success in the heart of England. The majority of their customers are British due to its delicious, fresh flavours as well as the health benefits that come along with that. It is also attributed to the fact that most northern Europeans struggle to stick with the mediterranean diet and is seeing this shift of popularity to a more Nordic diet. Overall, the simplicity is a contributing factor to the rise of this food in the U.K. According to statistics, the importing of Nordic Food products has tripled within the UK supermarkets. With popular foods such as kvarg, rye bread, salmon and ciders being infused more into British diets. Arla Foods, Rekordelig and Kopparberg have launched large campaigns experimentally and of course online within the UK.


Socio-Political Liberalism

Scandinavia is a leader in health, happiness and economic competitiveness. Their ability to handle inequality is unparalleled and could be due to the efficiency of the tax system. A Swedish person is far more happy to pay higher taxes than the average British person because the former knows that they will get great schools because it of it. Although this may be harder to implement with differences in population, the world will be studying the Scandinavian system for years to come. The rather ‘equal’ and un hierarchical ethos of nordic values has been much investigated and noveled across political publications, such as The Economist, The Guardian and Time Magazine.


RéanArts View:

We have first hand experiences with Scandinavian culture here at RéanArts and due to the increasing popularity of their style we can implement this when marketing your product. The most influential way to do this is through minimalistic design and making the image simplistic. Often the simpler ideas are the greatest ones and this is easily transferrable to many industries, including jewelry. This trend is proven to be growing here in the U.K. and if this is your target audience, RéanArts can accomplish this. We are continuously trying to notice these trends and develop ways to implement it within the company in order to satisfy your vision. Join us here, ahead of the curve and enjoy the delightful imagery we can produce to bring a simplistic and powerful effect to your brand.We may adore most things ornamental, however our multicultural team has the ability to adapt and implement to more minimal style guides for your brand! Find out more and let us know what inspires you and give us a shout in our digital channels!