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RéanArt’s Top 5 Tips for Singapore



Innovative Singapore, simply breathtaking. Here at RéanArt we appreciate the unfamiliar and admire creative innovation, regardless of the industry. When it comes to innovation, there is no clear cut path to “success” but when that one idea flourishes, it has the power to revolutionize the world. RéanArts’s newest intern, Thomas delves into how Singapore is a pioneer in innovation and includes his prior experience of living in the Lion City.

  1.  Bus Swings

Some people may think that their daily commute is the worst part of the day with a dire need for innovation. In Singapore, public transport is at the heart of the city with thousands of citizens utilizing the system daily. Everyone who has experienced public transport can probably point out a multitude of nuisances that one has to deal with. In Singapore, there is now one less, as you can wait for your transport in comfort.

With a solar powered station, this station has Wi-Fi, phone charging stations and the ability to download e-books or newspapers for free. It contains swings for commuters to use as well as a bike parking station and garden. Amazed? The bus stop also has interactive screens that can update people on news, weather and local events.

This is still in the testing phase, but Singapore is definitely pushing the boundaries for daily commuting.

As someone who has used the public transport system there in the past, I am amazed at their efficiency and wish they installed this while I was still residing there. With them being so far ahead, I can not believe they are still pushing to be on the frontier. This is a testament to the success of that country.


  1.  Driverless taxis

Another way Singapore is revolutionizing the public transport system is driverless taxis. This has been in the testing phase since April 2016 and it is currently FREE for select invitees because of this. Do not be alarmed though as there is an engineer to make sure everything runs smoothly in the passenger seat. They plan to fully integrate this by 2018, which is almost as ambitious as us here in RéanArt’s!

As previously mentioned the public transport system in Singapore is vital to thousands of locals and if this as effective as planned, we are going to be entering a new age. Maybe plan a trip to Singapore next year?


  1.  Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I have been lucky enough to visit this awe inspiring sight during my time in Singapore and it is nothing short of amazing. This hotel had $5.5 billion invested into it and it has paid off by bringing in thousands of tourists, not to mention the restaurants being a place for business functions and are conducted on a daily basis. It is large enough to fit a 500 sq. foot infinity pool as well as seven restaurants, 2500 guest rooms and a casino. Just the atrium chandelier alone contains 132,000 Swarovski crystals. I wonder how much of that $5.5 billion went to that? I had the privilege of swimming in this pool and dining in one of the seven restaurants and there is no description I could write here to do it justice.

So if you are ever around Singapore, you should definitely pay a visit to this hotel, although its so large you will be able to see it on the horizon.


  1.  Changi airport

Voted the best airport in the world in 2015, if you can get a layover in Changi Airport on your next trip, do it. This airport almost makes hours of traveling in a tiny seat worth it with the multitude of comforts it offers. Even beyond the comforts, the design behind it will blow you away. The roof of the airport is specially designed to catch rainwater for recycling and for long term storage. Changi Airport offers free video game stations, places to shower, a cinema, a nap facility as well as a swimming pool.

To compare this to an airport, like Chicago O’Hare would be like comparing a self driving car to a skateboard. If you think that is all, then you are mistaken. The airport also contains a butterfly park and if you have a long layover and manage to utilize all of these resources but are still bored, you can tour Singapore. Not only can you tour Singapore, but you can do it for free with a 2.5 hour with two short stops.


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