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Hello Our Dearest!

Are all enjoying these few sunshine sprinkles? We certainly are! ..Which brings us to thoughts of travelling and sightseeing different locations :).

Not the most mainstream destination out of Nordic capitals, Our Finnish Sales Manager Rosana shares her top 5 hot spots to visit in town and to do wishlist visiting. Her personal note: ‘’It’s Frozen and Cold, but the modern cutting edge Design spirit compensates well with the cons.’’

Kauppa & Senaatintori; Market & Senate’s Squares English The Senate’s Square:

The best place for the picturesque photographs and a ‘fika’ by the waterfront. We, RéanArtists, love to sit and daydream after a long day of sightseeing. With the Cathedral and the Council hall near by, it is the perfect place for sitting down on a summer afternoon. Enjoying some local strawberries and nordic cinnamon buns. Helsinki’s Senate’s square hosts a long market with stalls full of souvenirs, local food and goods. This spot in Helsinki draws tourists and locals to mingle and enjoy the summer breeze and overlooking islands by the port.

Finlandia House

Designed by the world-famous pioneering architect, Alvar Aalto, this place is worth at least taking a photo portrait with your camera stick. It is  a renowned landmark for the modest skyline scenery by the lagoon in Helsinki. The modern, clean aesthetics have become cult drivers within Finnish design, close by is also the lovely Hesperia Park and the old Public Helsinki House, which hosts a number of free exhibitions about the city.


Teatteri Restaurant at the Swedish Theater

For culinary enthusiasts, Teatteri Restaurants at the swedish theater is a go-to meeting spot for elites in town for a lovely lunch, brunch or a sophisticated night out for drinks. Their Nordin Pan-European cuisine delivers fresh locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. The venue also hosts events for the Swedish-speaking Finns.



The new hot spot for young trendy design oriented locals for brunch. During summer, this venue stays busy all year along, located more towards the south port of Helsinki, it’s modern architectural features are distinct. Stays busy all day around in warm months, it is the ideal place to admire the beautiful coastal scenery on a long summer evening.


Marimekko Store

One of Finland’s most iconic and globally distinguished fashion, textile and design brands, their classic poppy-print and more experimental goods are available at multiple locations across Helsinki. However, their most iconic and visitor-focused store is in Aleksanterinkatu, just around the corner from Louis Vuitton.


Overall Helsinki is a picturesque city over the summer months, if doing a tour around various countries around the area, as well as convenient with a Ferry to explore Estonia, or take the train to Russia. During winter months, one can find themselves occupied with the endless fast-paced restaurants, local theater and design.