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RéanArt Reports: Coachella 2017



Kickstarting the weekend in a happy mood? So did many awhile ago on the weekend at Coachella, the annual globally renowned  arts and music festival taking place in Palm Spring in Coachella Valley, USA. Since the weather is playing games with us.. we thought to take a trip back to hotness :)

Cult, yet turned mainstream music festival featuring many globally recognised artist evolves bigger and better each year and RéanArt’s team is loving it! Coachella started off originally as a non-profit music concert in Palm Springs over a decade ago is now the event where trend forecasters, marketeers and branding experts search for their inspiration. RéanArt’s team explore the fashion, lifestyle and Photography behind this music festival!

Starting from the origins of a passion for music and culture..

Over a dispute for the event, the organisers concluded that it was the perfect setting for a music festival. Soon after, the place was booked for various concerts. Until being organised by Glastonbury Festival in 1997, they decided to promote the a music concert at Coachella Valley again, though it did not catch attention. The few attempts of holding an official coachella festival was taken over with looters and crime.

But finally in 1999 the he inaugural Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was held, featuring globally known artists such as Beck, The Chemical Brothers, Tools and Morrissey. The organisers aimed to recreate the legendary European music festivals, and years lead on with more big artists joining the scene including Björk, Oasis and Massive Attack. Popularity was growing with the movements of underground music, as well as the fashion around the culture. Closer to 2010’s Madonna and Depeche Mode joined the front line of artist to perform at the reserved valley. Years went on and popular mainstream group such as Florence and The Machine, LCD Soundsystem brought more visitors.

As we live in 2017, Coachella introduced Beyoncé and The XX to join their frontline. Some these musicians are our office favourites at RéanArt. Alongside with the exclusive commercial artists, smart marketers and brands have partnered with a number of celebrities and digital influencers to use the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival now as a tool to promote their brand awareness and engagement to the audience, the music lovers. Alongside with receiving numerous commercial sponsors and media hype, the number of globally distinguished Fashion bloggers attending nowadays is phenomenal.

As for brands, Fashion follows along. The signature scene now includes clothing brands engaging more with their consumers than ever before with interactive campaigns and partnering with their digital influencers and celebrities. Creating the distinct street style fashion behind Coachella Music festival has become a media phenomena within the past few years. Fringed, tassel detailed boho chic pieces, oversized sunglasses, flower power hippie frocks, ripped and distressed denim and suede. These are the many elements key trend forecasters grasp inspiration from for the future trends to become the new big hit for fashion houses to resemble. Coachella speaks out for itself and the dazed sunny fashion culture has been apparent within many high street shops within many seasons currently.

Alongside with the music, fashion and culture, RéanArt’s take on the best photography from coachella is signatured by: using light strips and the sun to render the mood in photos. The angle and elements of photography is more scattered, than crisp and clean. Since the Coachella Valley includes much natural light, a standard DSLR will work perfectly. Alongside with capturing street style shots, you can aim to take a few shots of the event with crowds. Landscape images with the crowd could be your ‘golden ticket’ to gaining more followers through digital channels.

With the love of music, a sunny desert valley setting and festivals, Coachella is the cult global event that bring fashion, music, consumer and brands together to celebrate in one. Are you a fan of music festivals and the cultural hype behind them? What other festivals are you planning to visit? Share your thoughts on our digital channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!