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RéanArt Investigates: Art Direction



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 What is Art Direction?

Art Direction is something that for many people is fairly invisible, but without doing this Art Direction it would be impossible for high-end brands, or any brand for that matter, to develop the work they are creating nowadays. The job of Art Director exists in a lot of different creative fields, including advertising, marketing, photography and film and web designing. It generally involves managing a team of designers or people with comparable jobs who are working on a creative project. Though the degree of responsibility can vary, depending on how big the project is, or how many people there are working on for example.

Art Photography Direction

Obviously without a doubt what we at RéanArt are interested in the most, is the photography aspect of Art Direction, or even better; Art direction for Photography and any visual representation form that can be be captured at the final point with the 'Eye', i.e. the lens. As RéanArt has great expertise in creating full-round photography projects, using the best Art Direction, which can include helping brands with their full branding and creating content for them in a cohesive way on a commission basis.

Over the years RéanArt has become bigger and bigger and now consists of a highly educated, full-round team who are fully committed to creating the best visuals, from photography to graphic design. Not to mention this requires a lot of Art Direction. RéanArt believes that in order to get the right photography done for your brand, you must see the value Art Direction has and what a positive impact it could have on the outcome of the project and your overall sales.

What an Art Director does

An Art Director is someone who is responsible for the visual style and imagery, also Art Directors create the overall design and direct others (Art Direction), who develop artwork or layouts. Many people claim you must contain of leadership to be able to become an Art Director. Art Directors often don’t like to be seen as a manager, though there are many things an Art Director does which matches the tasks of a manager. Maybe you can consider it as Creative Manager, or Creative Director. Some people even compare the role of an Art Director to the role of a chef. An Art director should inspire but also guide the people who work for them. You must be a mediator between all people working for you, and understand all processes.

Looking back at all our creative processes at RéanArt we noticed the importance of Art Direction and what requires and obviously how it pays off in the end. We feel like an Art Director can give the client they work for the best insight of what the project will be like, as they are involved with all creative parts of the project, and are able to look at the products from a distance and give their feedback in a way that keeps the process going and eventually turns into one of the most important parts of creative projects which made it successful.

Our recent work at Fulham Palace with most fantastic people and brands such as Mary Jane VaughanBovingdons Catering and Classic Crockery. Please feel free to read about the project in more detail at a beautiful post written by the members of Mary Jane Vaughan:


fulham-palace6648_WEB-300x225.jpg fulham-palace6376_WEB-225x300.jpg

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