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RéanArt’s take on Fashion Photography



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As we know at RéanArt, there are so many different types of art that are out there to appreciate and enjoy. One of the less talked about, but equally important, forms of artistic expression that affects us all far more than we realize is Fashion Photography. A good Fashion Photographer can create something absolutely iconic out of everyday garments or surrounding. The fashion industry has had no shortage of impressive photographers over the years, but a few in particular have helped define both the fashion industry and the art of Fashion Photography itself. One of these icons.. our one and only Helmut Newton, who rose to prominence in the 1950's after being contracted with British Vogue. His stark black and white imagery elevated fashion from stock photography to the act of creating a world that a consumer wouldn’t want to live outside of.  His photography breached the boundaries of conventionality, lending a dangerously urbane edge to the finished products. His work made Fashion Photography something beyond advertisement.


Another photographer from this era that we at RéanArt take as inspiration is the gorgeous Fashion Photography of Richard Avedon. Throughout his career, Avedon worked closely with the legendary Diana Vreeland at Vogue, shooting 148 Vogue covers during his career. Additionally, he helped define Fashion Photography and the fashion industry by taking part in some of the most famous fashion photoshoots and advertising campaigns today, such as the “Nothing Gets Between Me and My Calvins” Calvin Klein ad starring Brooke Shields in the 1980s, Revlon’s “The Most Unforgettable Women” Campaign and others.  


Beyond the photographer,  as we know at RéanArt firsthand is the other elements that make up the image. One of the biggest of course is the model that wears the clothing. In the 1960's as Fashion Photography was rising in prominence, one model specifically made a career that went on to define the fashion industry and subsequent Fashion Photography significantly. Twiggy came onto the scene in 1966 and within four years became one of the first international supermodels. In a period of time when models were expected to have hourglass curves, she helped redefine beauty standards, introducing the modern ideal of very slender physiques in Fashion Photography. Soon after, the rest of the fashion industry followed suit in hiring very slender models to use in photoshoots.


Another model of this era that helped to define the ideals of beauty both within and outside Fashion Photography is Veruschka, who at six feet tall and almost curveless exemplified what came to be known as the ideal for Fashion Photography in the fashion industry. Her girlish innocence in images also helped to skew the fashion industry’s ideal clients even lower-for people in their teens and twenties which were in the 1950's and 60's just beginning to be recognized as a viable source of income.


The history of Fashion Photography, like that of any other art, reflects strongly on the future. We, at RéanArt, understand that whatever the promotional needs of your business, we can help create imagery that are equally iconic to those of the past in order to build a brighter future for your business.