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Jewellery Photography – How Important is it ...



We at RéanArt are passionate about jewellery photography Working with high-end jewellery brands using the best quality equipment and technology such as Phase One made us understand how much we love doing jewellery Photography. But even more important; we came to understand how much it is helping brands to build their content, portfolio and status as high-end jewellery brand, which obviously improves after choosing for professional Jewellery Photography.


Brand according to your ethos

As high-end jewellery brand, you should not feel shy to invest in things such as professional jewellery Photography, as it will pay off, eventually. Also buyers expect your jewellery to be portrayed in the perfect most professional way as possible.Of course judging the marketing and Jewellery Photography for a £10 necklace, but you would not buy a £2,500 ring when it is displayed on a website in bad quality, becomes very transparent for the brand. Professional Jewellery Photography is crucial for your brand, we at RéanArt believe in that. As in-detail and peculiar as the jewellery business is, the photography and imagery must stand strong and reflect crucially on the brand. If the company has invested into high quality jewellery photography, the brand speaks for its precision and commitment for the entire business as well. You simply are what you portray. 

Phase One Jewellery Photography

Since we at RéanArt handle high quality products from clients, we aim to work with the newest technology for Jewellery Photography, and especially for high-end jewellery products it is of big importance to capture all these products as detailed as possible. This is why RéanArt works with the amazing Phase One camera system for almost all our Jewellery Photography.


Phase One is a Danish Company specializing in high-end digital photography equipment and software. High-end jewellery brands flow hand in hand with this amazing system RéanArt uses. They manufacture open platform based medium format camera systems and solutions. Their own RAW processing software, Capture One, supports many DSLRs besides their backs.

Why RéanArt chooses Phase One over DSLR

Talking with our photography team, who are specialised in approaching Jewellery Photography in the best possible way, they shared some insights on why to choose the Phase One technique over a DSLR.

First of all: Phase One offers a considerably better dynamic range and provides wider colour rendition than a DSLR (which is already a good reason to choose Phase One for Jewellery Photography). Not to mention RéanArt finds the colour tones which Phase One captures more faithful, and besides that, it delivers files with high resolution. So you can crop almost all you want, without losing quality. Which offered amazing opportunities for us at RéanArt in terms of composition for the Jewellery Photography. Last but not least Phase One consists of an improved technology for focused stocking techniques.


Hatton Garden

Speaking about high-end jewellery brands and the Jewellery Photography for these brands in London, Hatton Garden is the first key destination for fine jewellery businesses. Having many contacts there, RéanArt highly admires the area and shop’s high-end jewellery. For those who do not instantly get that lightbulb moment, Hatton Garden is a high-end jewellery street located in the area of Holborn. Counting over 90 high-end jewellery shops it’s the most well-known jewellery area in London and centre of the UK diamond trade. Other key UK jewellery trading centres include the Jewellery centre in Birmingham. 

Multi-purposed Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography offers countless options for all brands marketing and creates endless opportunities to grow and improve the brand awareness. Not only you can use the Jewellery Photography for social media and website purposes, but also for tangible promotion such as flyers, posters and other printwork. Not to mention keeping up-to-date with technology as brand, as much as RéanArt does in terms of Jewellery Photography, is often highly appreciated by future clients.