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RéanArt on Affluent Digital Influencers



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RéanArt on Affluent Digital Influencers.. And their relationships with the World's most renowned Brands

The past years digital influencers have become the key for big brands and their marketing strategy. Obviously it’s a huge investment, if you collaborate with someone like Gigi Hadid, not to mention it is important for them to match your brand’s etho and the target group you are trying to reach.


Knowing that nowadays big digital influencers consist of an enormous amount of active followers, brands are getting greedy on the hunt for the perfect face for their new campaigns. Despite the fact it is actually getting more and more competitive, we do not feel like the collaborations between brands and digital influencers is a bad thing. As we at RéanArt work with several digital influencers, we love how these digital influencers bring back the youth in often commercial brands, and allow them to reach a wider, and often younger target group.


Wait, who?

As you probably know about Gigi Hadid, let us just tell you that besides Bella, there is Alana, the two famous Hadid’s bigger sister. As Alana has not been out a lot in public as their sister, she more or less escaped the life of fame. Having mentioned that, we want to show you how big social media is and how life changing it can be if you put yourself out there, career and modelling wise.


Another example is Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp. As Lily only consists of an Instagram, but still has 2.7 million followers, this shows how well this account is thought-through. Though this can be more difficult for brands, knowing that it’s very little she shows, so in this case this makes her more picky on the collaborations she does.

Repeating Fame 

While a lot of Affluent Digital Influencers are huge now, they’ve not always been. Though often we notice fame can come back. Let’s take Cara Delevingne, who was propelled to fame after being scouted by Burberry's Christopher Bailey in 2012 while working part-time in the office of a fashion website. After a viral hiatus on modelling, and saying she quit, she made a huge comeback for Saint Laurent, in 2013, saying “I never quit”. By this we mean to tell you fame can come back, depending on what you do, just like it happened with famous affluent digital influencers, like Cara.


Regardless of the huge impact the influencer’s face has on the campaign, both parties benefit of collaborations between brands and digital influencers. Obviously the model is not only promoting the brand, but also themselves, and has the chance to take advantage of the campaign to keep their online growth remaining in that progressive line. We could name countless other examples from Paris Jackson, Sophia Richie, Iris Law, Brooklynn and Romeo Beckham just to name a few who were born into the glamorous Elite world and left their own trace for the consumers.

What is your take on affluent digital influencers? Do you agree with the branding strategy most of these brands have? Start the conversation on RéanArt’s social media channels!