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Ghost Mannequin Photography 101



Also known as ‘invisible mannequin’, with ghost mannequin photography, the mannequins allow you to capture your products on camera and hold their original shape, to give consumers a perfect impression of it. Then afterwards the mannequin is removed and the product is shown in the best possible way for brands online and offline sales.

For many Fashion start-ups we at RéanArt notice it can be one of the first difficult decisions they have to make; whether how to show the consumers the clothes you are selling. All the investments and time-consuming processes aside, getting into ghost mannequin photography with your products is efficient and will actually pay off in the end.


What the shop window is to a physical store, product photography is to online stores. Like walking into a shop, you can touch the products, see them from different angles, and try them on. Though by showing these products online this needs to be compromised. RéanArt feels that you do this online by valuing quality of pictures, the way how you present them and how they affect each other and obviously the consumer.



Ghost mannequin photography will most likely be used for e-commerce. Ghost mannequin photography is the perfect way to show your products on an online webshop, for example. To be fair, nowadays it is almost required due to the fact it simply comes across more professional.

Also at RéanArt we feel that with ghost mannequin photography, simplicity, consistency and appealing pictures are key for brands sales and does most of the job for the products to look appealing to consumers.


Ghost mannequin photography can really lift your branding such as your online lookbook. But it does not have to stop at online, for your offline branding it can be of amazing use as well. Creating images using ghost mannequin photography will bring more professionalism in your lookbook, but it also just looks clean, and makes it easy and pleasant to look at.

This gets us to the fact consumers are more likely to buy products which are shot with ghost mannequin photography, according to the statistics of several of RéanArt’s ghost mannequin photography clients. Ghost mannequin photography gives consumers a perfect impression of the products in a safe, clean and professional way.


RéanArt highly recommends ghost mannequin photography for businesses, and as it really focusses on the product, there really are no distractions.

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