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RéanArt Investigates: Architectural Photography



Where are you heading this weekend? To a getaway or exploring your beloved city? We are looking at the rising trend of Architectural Photography. The minimal yet grasping piece of wanderlust through our social media feeds. What's the hype about!?

Shooting architectural photography is completely different from studio photography. All buildings and developments require professionally captured images, that portray the lifestyle and conceptual features of the property. Alongside with proposal mock-ups using professional illustration programs, lifestyle images and more artistic images are high in demand, when it comes to architectural photography. We are hard-on urban dwellers at this office, situated in the heart of Shoreditch, we gain inspiration from also hobby-based photographers.

The style of your architectural photography completely depends on how you want your content to be portrayed, which we at RéanArt find one of the great aspects of this kind of photography.


In multicultural cities with distinct opportunities and neighbourhoods like London, RéanArt thinks you are always able to find your way around your style and the city. Though our also very multicultural team at RéanArt has some more cities for you to really challenge your architectural photography skills and explore the world. A little list for your guys architectural photography desires:


  • Berlin (Potsdamer Platz’s Sony Center, Altes Museum and Das Rotes Rathaus)
  • Chicago (Frank Lloyd Wright)
  • Rome (Aqueducts, the Pantheon, Temple of Vesta, the Vatican and Baths of Caracalla)
  • Beijing (great wall, forbidden city)
  • Dubai (Burj Al Arab and The World)
  • Barcelona (Antoni Gaudi)


We guarantee you some fantastic places to visit whilst you are in these gorgeous cities around the world to do architectural photography, though we wouldn’t be real Londoners not knowing London is already expensive enough, so why not stay? London has endless places to go for all your architectural photography wishes! Here’s a little list we at RéanArt made:

  • King’s Cross / St. Pancras
  • London City Hall / Tower Bridge
  • Leadenhall Market / Covent Garden Market
  • Millennium Bridge / St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Big Ben / Parliament
  • Graffiti (leake street tunnel)
  • British Museum / Hays Galleria
  • Southbank


What’s your favourite place when it comes to architectural photography? Share your thoughts with us about the most inspiring cities with beautiful buildings for architecture on our social media through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Until next time, we will discover new wonderful things together.

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