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RéanArt Investigates: Street Style Photography



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Fashion Weeks are ‘’In Season’’ right now, with New York surpassed and London on, RéanArt is exploring the buzz. It’s so lovely to see famous faces within the pictures on the streets, but the question we are asking at RéanArt is rather: “Who’s behind the camera?”. Those people are the magic workers after all, agree? Today at RéanArt we’re discussing Street Style Photography! Who’s big and what are they doing right?

Express Yourself!

For many social influencers street style photography this is their way of expressing themselves and sharing their style with their followers. Obviously it’s more likely to get more likes nowadays since you can be very creative with the outside world, and different sceneries. Also when it shows where this person is located, this can attract a lot of attention as well (especially when they don’t live there). And it’s up to the photographer to show this, and capture the outfit in the best possible way. Because trust me, a £10.000 outfit can look awful on a picture. And maybe this is the art of Street Style Photography; it’s not about the person, it’s the outfit and surroundings.


Brand impact

Street Style Photography might be the photography sort which has the most impact on the brands. Because the audience sees this as ‘everyday life’. And gets inspired through quite an honest source. It also defines the brand itself and makes it possible to measure whether the brand is attracting the target group they intentionally were trying to reach. By seeing how people mix-and-match clothing items by certain brands gives them the inspiration to purchase or not.


Regardless what style the street style photographers work on, you will see some similar techniques like cropping the head, which puts the outfit more in the spotlight.

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been. Always will be.” - Cunningham

Big cities, big opportunities

At RéanArt we can tell it’s not coincidence many big Street Style Photographers locate themselves in big cities, since most ‘trendy’ people do, too. Not to mention the scenery offers endless options in cities like Tokyo, New York, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, London, and so on.

Obviously we cannot escape from mentioning Fashion Week. I think we could say this is one of the most perfect occasions for brands and photographers to capture Street Styles. It’s almost about the people who attend instead of where they’re going. Fashion week has become an outside catwalk.

It’s funny that speaking with one of our photographers at RéanArt, people tend to feel less shy to be photographed in big cities, and they will even dress up just because they know they could be. That’s what happens mostly during fashion week; people dress up in a way they normally wouldn’t, even people with an exceptional individual style. And at RéanArt we actually love this idea, because it’s like a dream for someone to dress like that, and Fashion Week gives them the occasion and reason to do so.

Maybe the funniest part in terms of Street Style Photography is that sometimes they’re even up for an angle or background change, for everyone’s sake.


Different approaches

RéanArt discovered it can be a matter of approach whether you’ll stand out as a street style photographer. For example in the image above you see an image Alena Vezza took at NYFW 2014, who approaches street style photography on a more documentary way. You should see a certain line or style in the way you capture people and their street style to get to the point where you get a distinguishable status.

In the end it is important to capture what you like, despite the outfit or environment. Street style photography has no rules. As long as the images tell a story. And since most of the images street style photographers shoot are stock images, and photographers are not hired by the person they shoot, they have complete freedom in designing the picture how they like.

And then, of course, the people on the picture are an inspiration for many, the Street Style photographer has the power to elevate this level of inspiration and get the outfit to that next level, by capturing it in the best, and creative way.

On that note, Our Dearest, we are going to say good evening, and we shall catch you all here next week :)

Oh, and by they way! Stay tunes, as from next week we will be posting the blogs twice a week to keep you guys more informed on our internal investigations ;), and simply insights of what we love most... :)

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