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Set Design in Advertising and Beyond

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And we are back with our investigations.. today touching the matter of the importance and few of the key features for set design... tune in:

RéanArt investigates the significance of key props for the perfect space within set design for advertising. How do our advertisements look either surreal or on-point to portray a picturesque brand identity?

Set Design in Film

One of the key but not often talked about elements of advertising is the set design that goes on behind the photography and videography. At RéanArt, we recognize that good set design can make or break either a still life image or videography shot. There are a lot of good examples of the effects of powerful set design in film specifically. One of the most famous examples in early film is the set design on the German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. To make it clear to the audience how off-kilter the world of the film is, the sets are built at unnatural angles with equally unnatural stark black and white contrasts. This choice of high contrast and  purposely gives a sense of doom to all that are watching.

Werner Krauss as Dr. Caligari in Robert Wiene's THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (1920). Courtesy Film Forum via Photofest. Playing Oct 31-Nov 6

Conversely, a different variety of set design is the over the top monochromatic particularities that have come to define the work of Wes Anderson. Everything in Anderson’s world, contrary to that of the world that exists in Dr. Caligari, is defined by a surface level cartoonish innocence that sets the watcher at ease. The videography as well is shot with an eye to keeping things constant and symmetrical-again the opposite of Dr. Caligari. While these are both extreme examples, the point stands that when designing a videography project for your business it is important to keep in mind the set design, lighting, and camera angles and what they are subconsciously communicating to your viewer. These are all things that RéanArtists specialize in and would be able to help you and your business with.

Set Design in Advertising and Photography

While set design is paramount in film and other moving videography projects, it also is incredibly important when designing the background of a still image. This is clear in the work of Rhea Thierstein, an art director and still life designer that works with Mulberry, Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair and other magazines. Her work is often surreal and detailed with a depth of field and composition that pulls emotion from a single frame. Composition and set design in still image is also paramount in non-commercial art as well as typified in the work of Wolfgang Tillmans, whose work we at RéanArt recently checked out at London’s Tate. Tillmans’ compositions are clean and uncluttered, focused on one primary element of the composition. This makes his photos modern and in line with today's aesthetic of minimalism.


When designing your advertising campaigns, think about what the composition and set design says about your branding and image overall, whether that means personifying your brand through detail or through simplicity, we at RéanArt are experts in constructing a set design that will help create or solidify the image of your brand that you want to show to your customers.


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