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RéanArt Investigates: Fashion Space: Exhibiting in London



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Today, we would like to put on a skin of investigators and speak about varies spaces and how it may be beneficial to businesses.. Or simply a good read about Fashion spaces.. We hope you enjoy :)

As we all know it can be rather competitive in the creative industries. The exploration of fashion space allows brands to express themselves in an extraordinary way, in order to get the attention of their former, current and future clients. Though it can also be a good move against your competitors: stand out. RéanArt explores the endless possibilities that fashion space offers and how to document them.

! Promotion 

Fashion space offers the possibilities of interactive experimental marketing and communication. Exhibitions and ‘presentations’ can be the perfect way to promote your new products/services or collection, and through doing this on the spot, in front of an audience instead of a computer screen, it will make it very interactive. Besides, you have the power to create the whole vibe for your own fashion space. Possible adjustments on the location could be scents, temperature, lighting, and the way you decorate it. If eventually you make this all happen, your brand will really stand out and make people notice and remember you, and the exhibition. RéanArt adores storytelling and has seen this happen successfully with many brands we have collaborated with. Interactive experiences, either through images or creative conceptualization is important.

! Network

As much as interactive, innovative and new fashion spaces captivate audiences, that leads to conversation. Socializing at fashion spaces is the key to new collaborations/clients amongst buyers and press. At an exhibition, you have the chance to speak to people within your branch, and make your brand a lot more approachable. People also like to see the faces of the brand, which raises the opportunity to construe your brand and/or products and work. Interactive and carefully curated presentations and exhibitions hold the core for many businesses that focus on a particular niche. RéanArt’s ethos stands strongly with the idea of forming long-term relationships with clients through networking meetings. The conversation of an interactive fashion space is one of many where to begin with. Did you enjoy the show?

! Location, location, location and again, location

How to attract the key press and target buyers to interact and experience your brand at convenience? Definitely do not think too lightly about the location you pick for your fashion space/ exhibition. As we always say first impressions are crucial for people’s further actions, and London offers many options when it comes to this. Keeping in mind, the neighborhood of your selected location for the fashion space will also speak for your brand. Réanart’s team has travelled the world and with experience, can imply that location close to the hub of where the business for your niche is at most present, would be the best.

! Memorable

By capturing the event, and contact your network and audience after the exhibition, people will remember you and/or your work. When it comes to this, Réanart is highly experienced in terms of capturing your work, exhibition and every aspect around it, in order to lift your brand and further actions of possible clients. As we will adjust our work to your brand’s style, and capture the details to define your brand, work and where you stand for, this could help you reach a lot bigger audience, through your fashion space. All this content is the perfect way to remind everyone of the event afterwards, and offer the opportunity to have a second look on your work and get in contact with you, after your fashion space. Our team of experts hold vast background in storytelling and conceptualizing. We bring visions to life within extraordinary concepts and capture them.

Well we hope you enjoyed that :) Let us know how you find your spaces and what intrigues you more about it!

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Imagery Source: Pinterest