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Defining true imagery for brands, ReánArt explores what truly stands behind successful brand positioning and how globally famous brands distinguish themselves from the rest.  Just like the famous TED Talks, Beth Taubner from Mercury Lab presented a significant talk about at successful brand positioning and strategy at Pure London last week. She recommends to study other brands more in detail about aspirations, goals and how much you objectives need to be communicated across to create successful brand strategy and therefore successful marketing material.



I bet you didn’t know that it’s rumoured that the McDonald’s red and yellow colour scheme was chosen because red is said to make people hungry. Even if that is not true, the combination of yellow and red is now associated with McDonald’s in the mind of consumers, boosting McDonald’s brand image when a customer sees those two colours together. Similarly, Starbucks’s green mermaid provokes a spark of instant recognition with most consumers long before they actually see the words “Starbucks” on the shop sign. Colour is just one way of branding that makes a difference in the way that consumers see a brand, especially in an era where all versions of media are becoming more and more image-centric. It is now easier to capture and share an image than it ever has been before in history and so branding via image is even more important now than it has been in the past. This is why RéanArt puts so much focus on helping you pick a great colour scheme for your photography and branding needs

Such as the seminars at Pure refer to another significant colour branding that is personalised in Tommy Hilfiger advertisements. It communicates and tries to represent the ‘americana’ unity with red, white and blue. Throughout time, this cohesiveness of using a selected colour palette has become one of their key players in their brand strategy and imagery. Alike RéanArt has chosen to use purple, black and white with our in-house branding. We feel strong about contrasted, high quality images that bring captivating intensity. We are key experts of holding clients within Luxury, Fashion and Consumer Lifestyle sectors, therefore we tame down our in-house branding with objects and visuals we want to be associated with. It therefore gives a  clear understanding to our client what we aspire for and who we are targeting.



Another key part of branding is the personality that a brand takes on, often through the images put out by the company about the brand. A great example of this is the “I’m a Mac” commercials put out by Apple in the mid 2000’s, depicting their computer (and by extension their brand) as a hip, trendy younger man in conversation with the competition, a PC that is depicted as middle aged, balding, slightly overweight and befuddled. In personifying their brand, Apple gave consumers an image of what their customer could be if they chose to use an Apple product—hip and trendy like their brand. More subtle versions of this are of course ubiquitous in advertising, such as Aston Martin’s product placement in James Bond movies or Nike ads with different athletes juxtaposed with a dark background make the association on behalf of the consumer-if you drive an Aston Martin you will be as suave as James Bond; if you wear Nike workout gear you will be as fast as Usain Bolt. RéanArt has a team of experts that are skilled in the magic of advertising and brand image manufacturing who realize that if the right image of a company whether quirky, peppy, and likeable like LUSH cosmetics, sexy and fun like Victoria’s Secret or glamorous like Dior resonates with something a customer wants to find within themselves then they will purchase your product in search of that goal. Our RéanArtists want to make your company as covetable as possible and imagery is a great way to start moving towards that goal.  

RéanArt’s own personality stands strong with consumer goods and the luxury sector. Once again we bring this in our personality when it comes to our in-house brand strategy. The content we select from our previous work, outsource or implement is always carefully planned to create the right kind of imagery that will be distinguished by the audience we are trying to engage with.


Last but of course not least, make sure to tell a story. Humans are wired to hear stories, and so when they see a story they appreciate it sticks around in their mind, which is exactly what you want. Apple’s 1984 commercial directed by Ridley Scott changed advertising and how companies relate to customers by giving them a story of finding liberty and breaking norms which corresponded to how Apple wanted us to feel about their products; like they were an act of civil disobedience. This just goes to show that with the right personality and story, almost any product can sell. At RéanArt we want to help you create the perfect image to go along with your brand and make you memorable and desirable to your customers. We will make sure you have the right tools to be able to tell your story and to have fun with it with great imagery to go along with your great products.

With the right combination of color, personality, and story, a product becomes so much more than just a product-it can have the power to change the world. RéanArt wants to empower you and your business to be the best it can be through image-driven advertising. With our help you can change how your business is perceived and help channel more customers in your direction. RéanArt has the expertise to make your business better.

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