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RéanArt Explores: Fairytale Photography



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Today we are exploring into the enchanting world and niche of Fairytale Photography. Bring out your ‘inner child’ this week and explore with us about the disney-like imitations that brands and global publications have adapted, for more captivating editorial stories..

With the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. The biggest obstacle is the word that makes people feel that distant from this amazing form of photography: ‘Fairytale Photography’.

Tell a story..

Fairytale Photography may sound childish, but it is used by the biggest brands and companies, and shows the perfect combination of art and fashion. Not to mention in Fairytale Photography it is all about storytelling. Take for example Tim Walker: It could literally be a fairytale in a picture, and that’s what makes it quite difficult; a picture is not moving. So every part of the story has to be there. Nowadays Fairytale Photography helps the biggest brands stand out with amazing content for their magazines, websites and social media channels.  

Walkers’ early work with leading American retail brand Juicy Couture are great examples where this particular style of photography sits well for the brand’s ethos and positioning. Juicy Couture, primarily known for their highly extravagant, feminine, yet accessible clothing with fairytale-like feminine appeal for the millennial female audience, caught their brand’s positioning distinctly through this collaboration with truly captivating, yet smart concepts for their campaigns throughout from early to late 2000s. For Juicy Couture’s case, Fairytale Photography worked well with bringing the brand forward as one of this time’s most successful high street retailers.

No Boundaries..  

The wonderful part about Fairytale Photography according to RéanArt’s creatives, is that you can use all the props you like. In the end Fairytale Photography is fiction, and you can expand your supernatural, crazy shoot as much as you want, as long as it tells the story you had in mind. Therefor RéanArt feels like Fairytale Photographers could be considered as real artists. It’s art, it’s directing, it’s writing, and it’s limitless! Though keeping it simple could work for some magic too. At RéanArt we find the work of Solve Sundsbo for example, very inspiring.


The Future of Fairytale Photography

At RéanArt this particular form of photography highly intrigues us and we feel like this is not only a ‘thing’ of the past and maybe the present, but especially the future. Since Fairytale Photography is often used for editorial shoots and similar projects, RéanArt finds itself attracted to these odd, experimental and different projects, that really stand out from the crowd. This form of photography will grow rapidly even more, as art is becoming more popular in general to the public. As to Fairytale Photography, RéanArt believes the use of props and tools will get even bigger with the technology-improvements and the growth of popularity of the Fairytale Photography vibe.

The Mythical Capturing of Images..

This is RéanArt team’s favourite Photography themes. The stunning props, set design and conceptualisation needs to be on point, in order to create that perfect storyline where you can bring your fairytale concept into real life through imagery. Fairytale Photography is a great way of sharing your ‘world’ and RéanArt wishes to produce each brand’s envisioning differently.

Our multicultural background and understanding of different mythical stories makes us the perfect team to conceptualise and produce Fairytale Photography images for any brand!

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