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RéanArtists keep the world updated with their latest work through Instagram. As we feel Instagram has just launched yesterday, longside with snapchat, weibo in China and many other online platforms, which companies are advancing for their presence. A decade ago from now, the relationship with companies and customers was rather ‘fixed’, hidden and rather less engaging. How has the business world taken advantage of these millennial tools to communicate their promotions?

Our feeds are constantly being served with enticing creative social media content. As the other day, I come across a Prada’s Candy perfume placed with sugar lip gummies, under a pink canvas. How mouthwatering.. I thought to myself. The world of advertisement and being able to utilise these tools to cut paid advertisement costs is phenomenal. The fast-paced world of communication and creating breathtaking social media content content for it is where RéanArt stand strong. We are one of the key content creation studios, specialising working with renowned high profile fashion, jewellery, luxury and lifestyle brands.

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The bridge between communication from traditional press outlets to social media has truly transformed. As many traditional publishing houses face staying loyal to their readers without paid advertising from large corporations and fashion houses, many have turned into avoiding this with social media. Companies have strategized their social media content.

The new features within social media that companies have created to capture and communicated their products are as follows:

Videos: Carefully created themed mini campaigns and videos with stop-motion have become rather popular to make. Social media content in video formats vary throughout various platforms from Instagram to Twitter and Facebook. Snapchat however uses it for a more personalised way of sending quick ‘messages’ from sneak peaks and backstage. Moving Gifs have also become extremely popular. Figs flashing with products or words to catch attention in our ‘feeds’ is a social media content strategy which many beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries use.

Seasonal Calendar Series: Themes for social media content varies. Traditionally, as christmas advent calendar with opening windows around promotions are popular. Nowadays, many western brands have also taken advantage to capture audiences from other cultures, such as far asia and middle east. Chinese New Year and Ramadan have also been added to various social media marketer's agendas when curating the annual calendars.


Endorsements: Particularly in Nordic regions, where the market relies highly on personalised bloggers, they are recruited as brand ambassadors to ‘take over’ an account to lure more followers. This smart way of communication once again gives the brand a personal touch, to target a certain audience which usually includes the renowned blogger’s followers. RéanArt has also collaborated on a few occasion with social media influencers to amp up our social media content with a twist.


Advertorial-like content: As social media content evolves, themes to make products either more practical or to tell a story behind the products. Ted Baker’s French bulldog branding used with puppies and accessories creates iconic mascots into life. As well as the divided square technique.


As these promotions, online applications and strategies will keep on changing, RéanArt is the key pioneering content creation agency where companies can produce their breathtaking marketing imagery to drive sales. Our extensive team from photography to creative design, videography and digital set-ups can help your brand keep up with this fast-paced competition of creating alluring social media content to captivate your target audience. RéanArtist’s team is here truly to bring you the best, latest and efficient feed for content creation.

Perhaps the next time you are browsing through your social feed, you can observe how amazingly these companies manage to build links and relationships with their imagery, for the one click to their website. Until next time!

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