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Spring Continues to Bloom and this week RéanArt looks at Flower Photography - very much a kind of it’s own in the photography world. Many place them under nature or landscape but actually they can be rather different. We personally love to do flower photography at RéanArt and want to explore how to implement the best captivating images when zooming into our gardens and nature.

Not your usual windows background
Flower photography often seems very much like a typical background you would be see on a standard computer. Though these images can be made very artistic and interesting. Now what are the possibilities to create a flower image which won’t look like your computer went on stand-by? RéanArt will give you some tips and insights about how to make flower photography a little bit more enchanting comparison to a windows gallery image .

Colours and composition
Our experts at RéanArt describe flower photography as the perfect example for colourful, detailed and eye-catching images. As every single flower is different and is surrounded by different things, there are endless aesthetic possibilities with these flowers. Colour contrast is ideal when it comes to flower photography, to make the object really stand out from the background and/or other details in the image. One can experiment using different flashes to trace colours from the flowers. This can give an illusional and arty effect. Something more revolutionary from the typical windows wallpapers.

Make em wet!
Water can be also be a very good aspect of a well-shot flower image. Though this water is not always because of dawn and these shots don’t have to be shot at 5 in the morning. Solution: bring your own water! Just sprinkle them with water which, you will see, will clean them and most of all makes your flower photography more photogenic, creative and lively. The drops of water usually symbolise a delicate touch of rain and prosperity. As cliche as it is, it is a nice ‘fresh’ touch. Romanticized by that ‘after rain’ allure. RéanArt’s favourite way of giving traditional flower photography is placing them in different compositions.

Aside from roses and orchids, you can experiment with flower photography just capturing the different textures of plants. As they vary in sizes and shape, even observing the most ‘simple’ fern plant can be places or shaped at a different angles.

Shapes and props
Architecture is not the only eye-pleasing object when it comes to photography; flowers can be too! If you find the right flower and shoot it from the right angle you’ll see that also flowers can be shot in a geometric pattern for example. If you are shooting flower bouquets it can be great to create the contrast with the flowers and vase/wrappings.

Other more avant garde props RéanArt recommends are glitter. With the rising trends of mythical enchantment, we feel glitter would boast your flower photography into new levels. The dazzled effect of experiment with props, observing the composition and the flower’s features. The variety of flowers, props and your imagination brings endless possibilities of implementing successful flower photography.

Why RéanArt Loves Flower Photography
As our specialised creatives at RéanArt have worked with various high-end flower brands we can tell how much a colourful. bright and well-shot flower image can lift up almost every area. What mainly attracts us to flower photography is our eagerness to be creative with objects and colours and by so create amazing content. And who doesn’t like to see creative and original content?

We are not just passionate about the appreciation of all flowers out there, but the story we could tell with them. RéanArt goes on-site to explore, observe and brainstorm the best ways the bring objects out through imagery in the best way as possible. Flower photography is one of our strongest points as a Creative Design Studio. Our multicultural design studio have vast experience working with nature themes, such as flowers. We tell stories through our imagery.

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