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Finding the right Model for your Brand!



Beware of Photographers who may appear greedy for credits and originality, we explore the appreciation of inexperienced fresh faces in the modeling industry..

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Soon, with Fashion week around the corner, you can (or cannot) imagine how many famous models there are out here in London. Though, there are always new models and models yet to be discovered. RéanArt gives you an insight on how photographers and models work together to bring themselves more out in the limelight.

Picture perfect beauty Ideals or Imperfect new faces? 

In today’s modeling industry, brands have the option to either to work with high-end fashion models, like Cara Delevingne or Doutzen Kroes, or Select a fresh new face with less experience. Photographer plays a crucial role, as alongside with decision makers of the brand, they have the impact of selecting the right model for their campaign and clients. Ambitious photographers will collaborate with models, who they work well with and form their own portfolios together. And in the end they will be the ones who have gained exposure and vise versa. Let’s compare it to creating a product no one ever knew existed. It’s all about the originality. When casting the perfect faces for your brand, it can sometimes be risky to have famous supermodels within a campaign. The supermodel can sometimes overtake the actual brand campaign and its message.

Imperfection and distinct faces? How do we find them? 

Nowadays high-end brands and their target groups aim to see and find imperfection. They use models with unusual features regarding to their hair or face, and just the overall physical appearance. We have seen Diesel using a model with a severe skin disease, for example.

But how do you find these models and merge them into campaigns of high-end fashion brands? As a photographer it’s not crucial to work through a model agency. If you have a concept and you know or found someone who fits perfectly in that plan, then trust your photography vision and do it!

Recent work

The dealmaker, or breaker, for selecting the perfect face for your campaign is a model’s recent work. This recent work will mostly consist of the things models might have in their portfolio, and will give you a great perspective of their fit for your brand, through seeing the models in multiple styles and shoots (depending on the amount of experience).

We often say the connection between the photographer, client and a model is the most important key feature for a successful end result. Confidence, emphatic abilities and effort are often highly appreciated and almost required these days. The model is a statement. She/he has to feel what you want the viewers to be feeling.

Chemistry is everything, when it comes to the entire production team, from the model to the photographer and the brand decision makers. Castings are essential, alike job interviews, your team needs to get personal, as well as become assertive about the working atmosphere.

At RéanArt, we treat our production team like family and get along pretty well as whole, we must say. Being a compact, tight-knit team, we tend (and strive) to build long-term relationships with our clients and team to ensure the best results!

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