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Digital Detoxing throughout Creativity



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Today we would like to share an interesting post and views with you on Digital Detoxing throughout Creativity..

How the modern age is shaping us and how it is better to become disconnected at time..

At RéanArt we know as well as anyone how hard it can be to detach from the constant flood of social media and news that is the norm in today’s society. With 71% of adults owning a smartphone, updates from the media, family and friends are always just in our pockets. With so much going on, it can be tempting to do a Digital Detox.

There has been surprisingly little research on the long-term effects of Digital Detoxing, but RéanArt found an informal study sponsored by Kovert Designs which was able to give some insight on the potential long-term effects of Digital Detox. Kovert paid for a group of CEOs, entrepreneurs and other businesspeople to go to Morocco for a period of time accompanied by five undercover neuroscientists who were tasked with observing their actions and changes over the period of the trip. The results of the Digital Detox were almost immediately apparent. In the first three days of the trip alone people’s posture changed significantly. Instead of being hunched over their screens, they stood and sat straighter which made them also look more approachable to their colleagues. Furthermore, the participants said they had better sleep, which neuroscientists attributed directly to the absence of melatonin-suppressing blue light that emanates from phone screens. If that weren’t enough, a lot of the participants experienced a drive to make significant life changes when offline for a period of time. While there was no follow up with these participants to see whether or not they actually followed through with their plans to recommit to the gym or to rebuild their relationships after the Digital Detox, it was clear that the lack of contact with the digital world actually had a marked effect on their lives.

However, RéanArt realizes that you have to be realistic in terms of what a functional Digital Detox would look like in everyday life. Not many can afford to take a couple weeks off and live in the Moroccan desert without any devices to kickstart their detox. In doing a modern lifestyle Digital Detox, people can find greater balance without totally abstaining from their digital lives. RéanArt found advice from experts for people that want to slowly detach from their usage of social media and other platforms, in the form of mindfulness. The idea behind mindfulness is that everything you do online should have a purpose, instead of acting as a filler for time when you have nothing to do. In doing so, you can take a break from the constant bombardment of ideas and images in your direction.

At RéanArt, we try hard to balance our consumption of digital media with our own creative inspiration, which is something we suggest you do as well potentially through creating your own Photographic Art. Another thing that experts recommend is trying to  use your technology to help you become happier and more efficient through increased functionality as well as through creating “me time” in the form of Photography, writing, or other hobbies. Creating this space and time for yourself can be an equally powerful form of Digital Detox, and make you happier and healthier overall. That’s why we at RéanArt encourage you to go out there and consume mindfully, but above all to make positive imagery and Photographic Media powerful tools in your arsenal for healthy living.  
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