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RéanArt Investigates: Fast Fashion



Hope you are all well during this sunny and warm period! We have delved into many topics on this blog and today we at RéanArt would like to explore the Fast Fashion phenomenon. Today’s world is a high paced one and this seems to be reflected with the notorious approach to selling in the fashion industry, ‘Fast Fashion’.

We at Réanart Studios understand that the Fashion industry encapsulates many ideologies, one of which is exemplified by the forever changing characteristics of the trade. Clothing businesses are constantly competing against each other for the newest trend or article of clothing that is most sought after at the time. This has resulted in the development of the ‘fast fashion’ operation that has captured the attention of millions across the globe.

It is very likely that you reading this, would have some experience with the fast fashion industry, even if you are not aware of it. The development of this industry has stemmed from many characteristics of the modern world, such as the growth of the middle class in developing countries, as well as the decreasing price of clothing production. It is estimated that between the year 2000 and 2014, the manufacturing of clothing doubled worldwide.


You have probably been overwhelmed by all of the choices from retailers such as Top Shop, Zara and H&M. What does this result in? – Well, RéanArt discovered that Research has indicated that there is a strong indication of a growing ‘disposable fashion attitude’, where consumers will only wear the article of clothing for a short period of time. This is different from how we used to be in the past, where we would wear the clothing for longer periods of time. We also generally had less clothes, what a boring world that sounds like.


Fast Fashion, as you may have guessed, is a term that is used to describe the rapid nature of clothing lines going from production to shelves to capture current trends at an affordable price. By bringing new clothing items in, more frequently, it is challenging the traditional norm of introducing the clothing lines seasonally. It is interesting to see how brands are starting to adapt to this high paced tactic.

Why is this? Réanart Studios believe it could be that these companies are trying to reduce the number of consumers growing out of their brand. By introducing more frequent lines with broader styles, it captures the loyalty of the consumer for longer. This is also reflected in other tactics taken by the fast fashion businesses, such as partnering with higher end brands to create luxury clothes, at a more affordable price. A prominent example of this is when H&M collaborated with Balmain, resulting in the products selling out almost instantly. By mixing these strategies, fast fashion brands are growing exponentially, whilst differentiating themselves in the eyes of the buyer.


By introducing a fast pace of new clothing styles at an inexpensive price has found a comfortable spot in the heart of shoppers.

Do you catch yourself shopping online more frequently than going to your local mall? – You are not alone. Due to the compounding speed these businesses are moving clothing, another norm is being challenged amongst shoppers. Less people are visiting physical retail stores and are instead shopping online.
This is the gap that Réanart aims to fill by making products stand out to those who utilize this method of shopping. Often times people shop online because it is easier to look and shop from the comfort of your home as opposed to visiting retail stores, especially with the fast rate clothes are introduced.


With these rapid changes developing in the fashion industry amongst fast fashion suppliers, it is getting more difficult to break into the market and compete with the established firms. This means that first impressions with new clothing is imperative to secure the consumer’s attention. When shopping online the photo of the product can be the difference between a purchase or not and Réanart Studios can facilitate that success.

With our unique photographic proposition, we at Réanart Studios can certify that clothing products are photographed to the highest quality that will capture the attention of the purchaser. This will make it easier for consumers to keep up to date with new products in this high speed world and establish your vision. Our on-trend thinking team will be able to cater to your needs within this fast-paced sector.

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