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Beauty Photography 101



And Good Day to All the Beauties,

RéanArt’s top tips for producing the perfect imagery to one of the world’s leading consumer markets..

Product Photography

This week we’ll be talking to you about Beauty Photography. Beauty photography often falls under the greater category of commercial photography, which is almost universally acknowledged as incredibly important to the success of a given business or product. Commercial and product photography can make or break the image of a brand to a customer. A study that used a webcam to track eye movement found that consumers spent longer looking at the cover photos for a brand’s Facebook page compared to the time spent reading the text posts for that cover page. This means that any impression is more likely to be from the visual content rather than from text. Furthermore, around 70% of e-commerce shoppers say the product image is very important when making their purchase decision. In terms of beauty, commercial photography becomes even more important because it is evidence of how the product works. If the model photographed wearing the beauty product in question is beautiful, then chances are the customer will infer that part of her beauty is due to the product in question and will want to purchase it in the interest of trying to gain some of that beauty themselves. RéanArt has a team of experts in the fields of both editorial and commercial Beauty Photography that want to help enable businesses to take advantage of this knowledge about customer habits in order to help build a solid customer base.

Editorial Beauty Photography

As important as commercial Beauty Photography is, beauty in editorial photography is equally important. While commercial photography makes beauty accessible to the customer, editorial photography elevates beauty to something more akin to art. This may be a boon for certain brands that want to change the way they are perceived and manufacture the idea of exclusivity amongst their customers. RéanArt has experience with rebranding through imagery in regards to editorial Beauty Photography and has a team of photography experts ready to assist manufacture creativity in order to change your business.

At RéanArt, we also recognize the potential that a brand has for storytelling. In beauty, this is exemplified largely by brands like Urban Decay with their all colors up all night eyeliner ranges, NARS with their cheekily named and sleekly packaged blushes and Clinique’s message of clean functionality in their products. These products all have a story of what kind of person the customer would be if they purchased the products, Urban Decay promises an unforgettable night out in hot pink eyeliner, NARS communicates functional sophistication for the woman who works hard to have it all, and Clinique helps both young and old alike resolve their skin issues. When combined with the correct Beauty Photography, these brands take on a life and personality of their own which consumers want to watch. RéanArt recognizes the successes of these brands and wants to aid other brands to follow in their footsteps to tell a story that is impossible to forget.

Being ahead of the curve is a great way to get customers and 2017 has given rise to some new trends as well as the return of some familiar favorites. So far this year we at RéanArt have seen the return of glossy lips and a resurgence of interest in highlighters as well as the repurposing of lip gloss as a type of  liquid eyeshadow. Glitter is also having a moment as well, from sparkly eyeshadow and eye liners to glitter lips, which is being featured everywhere from drugstore brands to editorial photoshoots and catwalks. The 90's is back as well in the form of dark lipsticks and straightened locks. Whether your beauty brand is marketing these trends or something entirely new, RéanArt is excited to help you be creative and think outside the box for your brand.

Whether your brand is edgy or safe, cutting edge or classic, RéanArt has the skills to help with marketing and brand image. No matter whether your concerns lie in Editorial Beauty Photography, commercial Beauty Photography, or the story that your brand tells to customers, we are equipped to help and offer creative solutions.

Thank you all for your support and love! Enjoy the weekend.