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Artificial Hunger?! RéanArt on Food Photography



Hello there delicious Readers!

This blog post is dedicated to all those foodies who wish to look closer into their beloved passion that makes us triggered into desire, exploring different flavours. RéanArt explores Food Photography to bring you the best mouthwatering tips!

As you know food has gotten big. Huge actually. Food has become more than tradition, love and taste. Food is art! That is what we here at RéanArt believe too; so is food Photography. Besides, people demand a certain level of aesthetics according to the price they pay, and the name they’re going to. In order for the creators to realise this, it requires conceptualisation. And they’re not the only ones who require this conceptualisation, the photographer does, too. Usually professionally hired photographers are the ones who capture food in the best possible way.

Let’s talk about that conceptualisation matter of food..

Food photography is not the most simple and practical form of photography, we can say. It requires lots of different techniques and skills which you wouldn’t know if you hadn’t done Food Photography before. That’s why conceptualisation is key in the process. RéanArt’s creatives are always on top of the all new developments in the field of Food Photography and by doing that, we are trained to go through this process from A to Z!  

Of course it depends on what your vision is and what kind of food you want to be captured. Which is also one of the things RéanArt loves about Food Photography; it’s like art, and every plate you shoot will be different, even if the dish is the same. We must say chefs these days can be considered artists too, can’t they?


What do you mean ‘artificial’?

To some people this might come as a shock, but our team at RéanArt feels like interesting things need to be shared with you! Stereotype artificial looks on Food Photography are nowadays not just in Mac Donald’s ads. To be fair, high end restaurants are now using this trick of capturing their beautifully ‘prepared’ food. To give you some examples: hair products as ‘perfect milk’, watered down soy sauce with gelatin for that ‘perfect coffee shot’ and deodorant spray for a ‘perfect frosty ice glass’ are some of the many secretive technique photographers use when capturing that perfect ‘mouthwatering’ meal. Are we being fooled? Welcome to 2017!

But don’t be afraid to order your regular cereal and taste actual hair conditioner at the cute coffee place you always go to! You’re probably safe. We’re not guaranteeing anything though! 


Get on that next level Food Photography!    

As we at RéanArt, love to look around, instead of facing one direction, we specialise in more forms within Food Photography. There are many options that caterers and food brands/ retailers are still not aware of or just haven’t considered yet. Nowadays it can be crucial to be interactive and work hand in hand with the newest techniques.

Think about 360 degree photography or  videography for your product, which gives people the perfect sneak-peak of your vibrant and mouth-watering food products or dishes for your restaurant! In terms of conceptualisation this can be even more challenging, which we love (that’s what we do). RéanArt’s multicultural team appreciate cuisines from all over the world. Our inner foodies step in whenever we get to work with enticing and peculiar food brands. But we are also fans of the classic major retailers that communicate their brands so well through imagery of their food and their ethos.

On behalf of all our creatives at RéanArt we hope you enjoyed reading and see you soon!

Got a little bit hungry? So did we when we at RéanArt wrote this and we will be stopping at some of our favourite restaurants this weekend! Also don’t forget to give us a follow on our social media platforms and we may be posting our interpreted stunning Food Photography!