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Mistakes Jewelry Brands Do Online

Below, we, RéanArtists, compiled the most common mistakes that jewellery brands do and a few tips on how to avoid them.

5 Mistakes Jewellery Brands Make On Social Media



It won’t be an understatement to say that Social Media revolutionised Marketing activities across all industries. Overnight, the communication between a business and its audience moved from one way promotion to a two way conversation. No longer do the direct “hard sell” efforts bring results – companies increasingly adopt a more sophisticated approach, educating and entertaining their customers and connecting to them on a personal level using social media channels.

However, not every business got caught up with the rapid change. The traditional, long-established industries, such as jewellery, often lag behind when it comes to new developments using the old argument: “It has always been done this way and worked, so why change it”. But times do change, things evolve and nobody can afford to stay behind on the new Marketing techniques any longer.

Below, we, RéanArtists, compiled the most common mistakes that jewellery brands do and a few tips on how to avoid them.

  1. Not using professional images. 


This might seem like an obvious one- high-quality photography is essential to showcase the complexity and craftsmanship of the jewellery. But somehow, when it comes to social media, this common sense often gets lost - images lack resolution, get shot against unflattering backgrounds and under wrong lighting –making them look unappealing and dull.


Even for the social media usage, always shoot your jewellery using professional equipment and/or a professional photographer. Pay close attention to the settings: make sure the background is light and clean, lighting is right and focus is adjusted to produce sharp high resolution images. And, of course, do not forget about post-production to really bring out the details, shine and sparkle from your pieces.

2. Not producing enough variety of content. 

Lens Position: 703
Lens Position: 703

Nothing can be more boring than opening a social media profile full of identical posts. The most common one is publishing endless images of jewellery shot close-up as a centre piece against the same background. While this is a great, and the right, way to photograph your products for your e-commerce website, when it comes to social media it leaves people uninterested and disengaged.


Be creative and produce a mix of content- from original shots in unusual locations to lifestyle images. Collaborate with clothing designers to create full outfits – offer your audience inspirational ideas on where to wear your jewellery to and what it will go best with. Don’t stop on imagery alone either: videos are very popular on Instagram and Facebook, blogs can be shared on Twitter and infographics would go well on Pinterest. Mix and match content on various platforms to keep people engaged.

3. Not tailoring content to social media platforms.

Often you can find a brand sharing the same posts across all their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Although each platform tends to have its own user base, you will find that most people have an account on all of them. Once they find that you post identical content across all social media, they will stop following you on all but one- resulting in you losing the outreach and engagement.


Each platform calls for a different type of content that works best on a particular social media. Good practice is to publish different posts on each or, at least, tweak the message a bit. For example, you can post a call for action on Facebook telling your audience to watch your new video advert, share the highlights on Instagram and Tweet an interesting fact about the shoot. Keep it interesting across all channels even for the same audience.


4.Not encouraging engagement.

Social media gives brands an opportunity to directly engage with their customers and not fully utilising it is a mistake a lot of businesses make. When scrolling down their feeds, a great quality image may catch your followers’ attention, but if there is a boring caption, no call for action or even no message at all- they will keep on scrolling. Another common thing brands often overlook, especially on Instagram, is using appropriate hashtags- a great tool for new customers to find you.


Write intriguing captions and try add a clear call for action encouraging your audience to like, share and comment on your posts. Instead of simply stating what piece of jewellery is captured on your image, share an interesting fact about its origins or an unusual story related to it. Your posts have to be educational, entertaining or contain a clear call for action- if you follow this simple rule you will grow your audience and build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


5. Not being consistent. 

 Strong and consistent social media presence is a key to a successful Content Marketing strategy. Often you can see a brand publishing 5 posts a day on one channel while staying quiet for weeks on another, only to abandon the former one to move on to the third. Having a messy social media profiles with irregular, poorly thought-through posts leaves visitors with an impression of an unorganised and unprofessional company.


Find what works best for your brand by publishing different types of content with a different frequency and stick to that schedule. This way your audience will know what and when to expect from you and will be checking for new updates. Moreover, Google favours regular high-quality content and will push your brand up in search engines.

Anything we missed? Share your tried and tested tips with RéanArtists below!